G2 Controller Alone (No Docking)


G2 Controller, Black,

Comes pre-programmed with firmware rev 64.2
Code 3773 is functional.

Please carefully look at the rear contacts picture. As some docking receptacles have 'mirrored' pins that have reversed contacts and not compatible with this G2 controller.

Only the controller is included, no docking included!

For those under budget, the RIDE+ G2 console model 01-3855 is another direct  replacement of the 01-3205 model. Using the same firmware inside (rev 64) and same mechanical docking. The differences are only cosmetic.

March 2020; about a dozen of 'used' G2 controllers are available for purchase.  They are showing normal signs of usage and the display screen might have minor scratches.  Price is 125$CAD, please contact for buying.