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I have an old system (pre 2008) what should I know

First BionX systems are using I2C communication protocol and are not compatible with post-2008 components that are using CAN bus. Unfortunatly, we are not selling any I2C components available on this online store and are unable to give any support. 


Why RC3 & DS3 requires a specific motor firmware version?

When BionX introduced third generation controller (RC3 & DS3), the CAN bus protocol has been rewritten to accommodate new architecture (having 2 distinctive devices that behaves as a controller + Bluetooth module, etc). This new protocol was called BCP3 (BionX CAN Protocol 3rd generation). The motor firmware was rewritten too and renamed to a 'drive'. BCP3 protocol is not compatible with the original motor firmware or the G2 controller, that are using BCP1.

Regarding the battery, firmware revision 112 and less are BCP1 only, compatible with G2 only, but battery firmware 115 is hybrid and can be used with any of G2/DS3/RC3 contollers and any motor firmwares.

So before switching your G2 constroller to a RC3/DS3, plan for the need to reprogram your motor with the 'drive' firmware using BBI software.


I have an old 24/37v battery, can I buy a new one?

In general, all BionX hardware parts are all compatible togheter as long as the communication protocol is the same (I2C or CAN). However, it's not recommended to buy a 48V battery to replace an old 24/37v one because the electronic in the motor is not intended to run at higher voltages. To be more technical, the power MOSFETs maximum voltage in motors were upgraded to 100V on motors manufacturer after 2012. So you should not install a 48V battery on motors prior 2012.


 Should I rebuilld my old 37V battery with new cells ?

Some independent battery shops are offering this service. They take an old 37V Lithium-Manganese battery and upgrade it with newer / high capacity Lithium-Ion cells. The main concern is that original LiMn BionX batteries are not using any battery monitoring/balancer circuit (SMC5 BMS), because the initial Lithium-Manganese, Sony 18650V1, 1.6Ah cells are completly safe in case of overcharge / disbalance of the cells. But this is not the case for Lithium-Ion cells that requires protection/balancer circuit to keep cell voltages flat and avoid overcharge events that lead to battery fire / cell venting. Furthermore, some rebuilders are using cheaper/counterfeit battery cells.So to be brief, most pack rebuilders are just not informed about the potential risks. This is why we are not selling any battery parts to pack rebuilders here. 



More information to be added here as we receive your technical questions...