Who is behind Bionx legacy?

I am Jonathan Duclos, president and owner of JD-XLABs / 7575289 CANADA INC. I've worked 16 years at BionX as an electric engineer and I've been mainly involved in hardware/firmware work on most of BionX components.

You can reach me at info@BX-Legacy.com
PS: Je parle français aussi.

I am not able to give alot of technical support, so I might not answer to all requests, but will take time to update the technical section page on this web site.


Important notices;

We are not a part manufacturer. So we can't offer a 3 year warranty on components as those are the last available, and there is no plan for restarting the production.

As a result, parts are available until stock last.

Price is subject to change anytime without notice 


Direct sales;

For the moment, there is no store. Direct sales are done by taking an appointment.