RC3 Throttle for DT batteries


RC3 Throttle (3rd Generation controller). 
Short cable version (01-5590) for downtube batteries.
RC3 only (no brake switch 2.5mm cable included)

Complete control of the system within thumb’s reach! The RC3 Controller is a stand alone part, no display required. 190mm – RC3 Short cable, for downtube battery installation.

Features include:

  • Power On / Off
  • Lights On / Off
  • Assist / Generate level indicator
  • State-of-charge indicator
  • Assist / Generate toggle
  • Toggle Map Functions / Voice Feedback with the App
  • Toggle Cyclecomputer / Screen with DS3
  • Throttle lever / Walk Assist

RC3 presentation video here.

Download RC3 instructions here.

RC3 is a requirement for using a color display DS3.

In order to use the RC3 from a G2 installation, both the Motor and battery must be re-programmed using BionX Software (BBI + BIB);
- Motor must be reprogrammed with the 'drive' firmware. 
- Battery must be upgraded to rev 115 (from 112)