Looking for BionX parts? Find here many parts available directly bought from summer 2018 sale process.


2022 Season updates;
- Due to excess shipping cost, no more batteries shipping toward Europe.
- Dealer 15% discount still valid but does not apply to batteries anymore. Direct customer support is prioritized.
- Sold out on G1 and G2 controllers. A 3rd generation kit (RC3 & DS3) is offered to replace old controllers but bike re-programation must be done.
- Sold out on battery SMC6 BMS.

Older important notes;
- March 2020: The formal BBI software used by most of the BionX dealers is not functional anymore due to the internet portal server shut down. But a functional / offline version of BBI can be downloaded from the BIB page.
- Pricing can be changed at any moment without any notice or refund.
- Most orders usually ship the next day. But can take up to 72 hours to process.
- There is no direct sales or public store. All purchases must be done online.