Looking for BionX parts? Find here many parts available directly bought from summer 2018 sale process.

Important notes;

** Coronavirus is not affecting operations **

- March 2020: The formal BBI software used by most of the BionX dealers is not functional anymore due to the internet portal server shut down. But a functional / offline version of BBI can be downloaded from the BIB page.

- February 2020; Battery shipment; Cheaper but slower 'GROUND' option is now offered to USA customers. Please contact for a quote.

- June 2019; Now shipping batteries worldwide using UPS Express Air service. Shipping address must be confirmed prior ordering as UPS don't deliver dangerous goods everywhere.

- More parts to be added. Contact if you can not find what you are looking for.

- Pricing can be changed at any moment without any notice or refund.

- Most orders usually ship the next day. But can take up to 72 hours to process.

- There is no direct sales or public store. All purchases must be done online. 

- Are you a dealer? See the dealer discount page. Contact us full inventory listing.

- 'Sold out' items are not necessarily out of stock but might just not be 'ready to ship' as there is a buffer between the online store and the warehouse inventory.