Are the batteries & parts brand new and original?

Yes, all brand new, genuine, unused. Furthermore, each battery is going through an additional functional test (TS0010), recharge if needed, and is upgraded to firmware 115.3 for compatibility with all BionX CAN protocols generation: G2\RC3, Motor\Drive firmware.

When ordering electronic parts, make sure you ask minimal questions to ensure compatibility with you system. If a special firmware is required we'll program the part before expedition.


What parts are available?

Batteries, chargers, consoles, docking for G2s consoles, battery harnesses, motors (without spokes & rims), adapters, rear racks, BionX light kits. If you look for a specific part, just e-mail us.  


Do you provide any warranty?

Yes, 90 days from the date of purchase. This is ensuring that product will be received fully functional. See warranty page. Why only 90 days? Because those are the last parts available and can not ensure availability for upcoming years. 


Why the shipping cost for a battery is so high?

Batteries are dangerous goods. The carrier charge an extra for transporting batteries. Purolator ground is selected as the default transporter for Canada. All international orders are shipped by air using UPS Express.
USA customers also have a cheaper ground option available with UPS ground service.



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