Effective January 1st 2023;

The 15% dealer discount promotion is no longer active.

As parts inventory shrinks, this will prioritize end customers real needs and should reduce dealer orders.

Dealer prices, Effective July 22nd 2018

BionX dealers will receive a 15% discount after 2000$CAD of combined orders.

September 2021;
15% dealer discount still valid for all parts except batteries. Battery inventory is getting low and BX-Legacy prefer to support end customers instead of dealers.


 - An account must me created on this web site.
 - The discount is applied on the next order after the 2000$ limit is rechead.  
 - Dealer store & details must be provided. (address, web site, etc)
 - Each dealer must claim the discount by writting to us. 
 - Once approved/registered, just use this code at checkout; 15%forDealers

* This price politic can be revised / removed anytime, without notice.