Battery warranty

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Date; July 6th 2018.
Object; BionX Batteries & Parts Warranty policy

Since ‘BionX International Corporation’ is no longer in business, it means that every BionX actual owners do not have any warranty on their products anymore. JD-XLABs is providing a minimal warranty protection to ensure that every buyer will be covered from shipment up to the product reception.


The BionX parts warranty:

  1. Is valid for 90 days
  2. Begins on the date of purchase.


No warranty claims are accepted – without limitation to other reasons – in the case of damages due to the following:

  1. External influences, particularly falling rocks, collision, accident and other external events with an immediate external effect due to mechanical powers.
  2. Purposeful and/or malevolent acts, theft and robbery as well as natural hazard events and/or acts of mischief.
  3. Inappropriate use, e.g. the product was exposed to liquids, chemicals of any type and/or extreme temperatures, wetness and humidity and/or if the battery suffers damages due to non-compliance with the special instructions set forth in the chapter “Handling and Charging of the Battery“as specified in the BionX User Manual
  4. Overcharging the battery or not adhering to the instructions of battery handling.
  5. Abuse/mis-handling of the connectors
  6. In the case of malfunctioning internal and/or external components due to impact caused by dropping a part on the ground.
  7. If the motor axle nut has been over tightened / improperly installed to the point where the threads of the axle have been damaged.
  8. If the maximum weight on the bicycle (specifically – bicycle, rider, AND load) has been over 150kg.
  9. If the functionality of the Touch Port feature is intermittent; this is a redundancy of the state of charge indicator that is available on the RC3 Controller.

No warranty claims are accepted - without limitation to other reasons:

  1. In the case of test, maintenance, repair and replacement work due to normal use.
  2. If the model, serial or product number on BionX product has been changed, deleted, blurred or removed.
  3. The seal and/or the serial number decal on the battery housing has been broken or obviously manipulated.
  4. In the case of use of the battery in systems that are not approved for such use with this particular product. In the case of the operation of the BionX system with batteries other than the batteries designed for the BionX system.
  5. If one or more than one BionX part has been opened, altered or repainted.
  6. The bike has been used for rental or commercial application.


This warranty only covers the above mentioned repair work and/or the replacement of defective or compromised components. It excludes any claims as to the reimbursement of property damages, downtimes, expenses for renting or leasing equipment, travel expenses, lost profit or any other claims.

BionX Legacy shop liability in connection with this warranty is limited to the respective acquisition value of the product.

This warranty only covers BionX components. The use of spare parts from unknown sources, third parties, modification or tampering with firmware, do void this warranty.


Jonathan Duclos