01-5560_20PIN - 48V Battery cell pack balancer plug harness for SMC6.X BMS

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This is the harness used inside the cell pack assembly.

  • There is a Molex 'Mini mi' series 20 pin connector that mates with SMC6 BMS PCB (01-5500 or 01-4813).
  • All wires are pre-identified with a label for faster hook up on the cell pack.
  • 4 thermistors included in the assembly. To be positioned in contact with cells at different location.
  • There is a PTC (thermal fuse) on each of the 13 cell voltages connections. Those are used as a safety against shorts and is very important. Do not remove during installation.
  • Wire length might vary and will probably need adjustment during installation.

PS: Doing a battery pack assembly is not easy and require technical skills and tools. Please do not buy and attempt to build your own cell pack assembly if you are unsure.

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