BionX Motor PCB Assembly with wires, IGH_V1.3b, for D-Series motors.


BionX Motor PCB Assembly with external wires pre-installed.

  • For D-Series motors (with plastic covers) and some IGH motors (Smart brand Internal Gear Hub).
  • Is not compatible with P,S,PL,PS Series motors (with metal covers).
  • PCB is IGH_V1.3b (part number 01-5914)
  • Complete assembly with wires pre-installed;
    • power connector, wire length is 35cm
    • Hirose communication plug. Cable length is 39cm
  • The 3X hall sensors for rotor/magnet position sensing are not pre-installed and are not included with the item. Contact if you need them.
  • The strain gage sensor is not pre-installed and is not included with the item. Contact if you need it.

The PCB can be ordered with 2 different power connectors;
With 'Classic' power connector- 01-5377
With 'Gold plated' power connector; 01-5805


When placing an order we also need this information;

1.If it will be used with a G2 or an RC3 controller.
2. What is the serial number of the motor.
3. What is the planned wheel diameter.
4. Country of utilisation (For max speed configuration) 

No support included with this item. Replacing a PCB in a BionX motor require specific mechanical tools and skills.


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