BionX, BMS PCB Assembly, SMC6.3, for 48V batteries, with pre-removed bottom section - 01-5500


BionX BMS for 48V batteries
BionX 6th BMS Generation - Smart Connect 6
Revision is 6.3Br5, with pre-removed bottom section.

- This BMS is compatibles with 48V batteries only (no 22v, 37v, Li-Mn, etc)
- Brand new, never used. 
- Fully tested before shipment.
- SMC6.3 is implementing 'deep sleep' feature. (Compared to SMC revision 6.2 that do not have deep sleep mode)

Information needed when ordering this part;
- In what battery model / part number this BMS will be installed. 
- Send complete serial number of original battery.
- The cell pack capacity (in Ah) 
- Cell pack voltage, if different than 48 Volts.

* Wires are not included. (No DB7, charger plug, balancer plug, etc)

* Extra care and minimum BionX battery knowledge is required when trying to repair a BionX battery. No support offered with this part.



Some Technical notes;

When disconnecting the BMS;

  1. Remove the battery fuse
  2. Unplug the cell pack balancer plug
  3. Unplug the communication and charger plugs
  4. Remove the main power (We unplug main GND in last)

 When connection the BMS

  1. If present remove the fuse from the battery main power
  2. Plug the battery main power connector to the BMS (we connect the main ground 1st)
  3. Plug the cell pack balancer connector
  4. Plug all the others in any order
  5. Finish by inserting the fuse.
  6. You will need to wake up the BMS using the charger as it’s in deep sleep state.