BionX, BMS PCB Assembly, SMC6.3, for 48V batteries, with fixed bottom section - 01-4813


BionX BMS for 48V batteries
BionX 6th BMS Generation - Smart Connect 6
Revision is 6.3Br5, with fixed bottom section (no scoreline).

- This BMS is compatibles with 48V batteries only (no 22v, 37v, Li-Mn, etc)
- Brand new, never used. 
- Fully tested before shipment.
- The bottom section is fixed and cannot be removed. There is no score line on the PCB.
- SMC6.3 is implementing 'deep sleep' feature. (Compared to SMC revision 6.2 that do not have deep sleep mode)

Information needed when ordering this part;
- In what battery model / part number this BMS will be installed. 
- Send complete serial number of original battery.
- The cell pack capacity (in Ah) 
- Cell pack voltage, if different than 48 Volts.
- If the scoreline bottom section is needed or need to be removed. Removing this section must be done with a X-acto knife passes, without forcing the PCB because it can lead to balancer circuit capacitors damage / B820 code. So if the bottom section is not required, we'll do it carefully and do a leakage test before shipment.

* Wires are not included. (No DB7, charger plug, balancer plug, etc)

* Extra care and minimum BionX battery knowledge is required when trying to repair a BionX battery. No support offered with this part.