RC3 Throttle for RR batteries.


RC3 Throttle (3rd Generation controller).
Long cable length for rear rack batteries.
Only the RC3 throttle included. Does not comes with 3.5mm brake switch.

Complete control of the system within thumb’s reach! The RC3 Controller is a stand alone part, no display required. 2100mm – RC3 Long cable, for rear rack battery installation.

Features include:

  • Power On / Off
  • Lights On / Off
  • Assist / Generate level indicator
  • State-of-charge indicator
  • Assist / Generate toggle
  • Toggle Map Functions / Voice Feedback with the App
  • Toggle Cyclecomputer / Screen with DS3
  • Throttle lever / Walk Assist

Download RC3 instructions here.


Motor must be programmed with 'drive' firmware. Can be used with DS3.