BionX IGH motor - 350W, 300RPM, 36 Spokes, Classic Connector, Silver, 01-3132

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BionX IGH / Internal Gear Hub motor - 350W, 300RPM, 36 Spokes, 01-3132

BionX IGH 1st Generation motor,
  • Internal Gear Hub with 3 speeds
  • Nominal torque; 10Nm, Maximum torque; 40Nm
  • 350Watts nominal, 1500W peak power.
  • 300 RPM Stator (Stator part number is 01-3149)
  • 36 spokes holes.
  • Standard axle length; 135mm O.L.D. (Over-Locknut Dimension)
  • Use the 'classic' power connector.
  • 41deg TRC torque blocker included, (part 01-3141)
  • Silver
  • Brand new, never used.
  • 2 nuts included

 Important information to know when buying/installing BionX motors.

* Motor only, No spokes, no rim, no washers, no cassette.

When ordering a motor, please specify if it's going to be used with a G2 or RC3 controller and also the planned wheel diameter. We will pre-program the according firmware and set parameters. By default, we ship motors for G2 controller usage and with a 700c wheel diameter.