BionX BMS PCB Assembly, SMC5.2, with 6V DCDC acceccory parts mounted - NO DB7 assembly! 01-2999

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BionX, BMS PCB Assembly, SMC5.2, with DCDC 6V accessory output - NO DB7 assembly 01-2999

Information needed when ordering this part;
- The cell pack capacity (in Ah) 
- Cell pack voltage, 37V, 41V, etc
- If you don'T know, send serial number of original battery.


  • Smart Connect rev 5.2
  • This is the 5th generation of BionX BMS.
  • To be used with Lithium-Manganese batteries. (There is no balancer or individual cell monitoring). Not compatible with all 48V batteries.
  • Does not comes with standard DB7 connector!
    • The cables attached to this PCB are not standard and needs to be changed on reception.
    • The cables are a XLR-3 Female plug (charger), a Hirose connector for communication, and a power plug for motor power.
    • NO DB7 cable included.
  • Comes programmed with firmware rev. 112
  • The accessory output parts are mounted;  There is a 6V outout for connecting bike lights, or tail lights. Usually needed for rear rack batteries.
  • Brand new.

PS: No support is offered with this product.